Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"The Deadly Newt" meets "The Heckler" ~ Slippergate & The Sunday Age

Over the weekend I received a delightful little surprise, courtesy of The Sunday Age.

Tucked away on page 16 alongside an op-ed written by Annabel Crabb was a column written by The Age's cheeky but lovable analyst of a million faces, The Heckler.  As an international man (or woman) of mystery, The Heckler referenced my previous post about the social media habits of Peter Slipper's former staffer (and current sexual harassment plaintiff), James Ashby, within their weekly column.  While the article itself isn't available online, it is available via The Age's iPad app and the screenshot that I have provided below.

Courtesy of "The Sunday Age" - Screenshot 29th April 2012 - Page 16 (Digital Print Edition)

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While The Sunday Age's version is distinctly different from the Sydney Morning Herald's column under the same name, The Heckler's weekly column is normally quite an interesting read.  As you can see, this week's edition is no exception.

The presence of Annabel Crabb's article and The Heckler on the same page also showcases an interesting contrast of what constitutes "evidence" within the nation's media. While Annabel is correct in saying that there isn't enough evidence to show that a Coalition conspiracy theory is a play, there is enough evidence from the "normalization" of Mr Ashby's social media accounts to show that there is more to this story than we currently know. As a result, journalists should continue to question Mr Ashby's motives, intentions and actions until everything fully comes to light.

Given the superb analysis provided within the rest of The Heckler's article, it is surprising that The Age doesn't have a Twitter account & permanent website for this insightful, yet humorously provocative & delightful little column.

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